We are delighted to announce the release of the eagerly awaited new album 'Seeing Things' from Kevin Doherty.

Featuring guest appearance from Charley Webb of the Webb Sisters, Lisa O'Neill and the Arco String Quartet the record continues Doherty's collaboration with Michael Keeney and follows on from 2010's acclaimed album 'Telegraph'.

'Seeing Things' comprises ten new songs written by Kevin and arranged by Michael. 'Seeing Things' continues the process of 'coming to terms' with the world - a daily battle and a constant unfolding. Doherty moves beyond the temporal to a place where he has conversations with Jesus and John Henry; where he transforms himself into a bird in an act of defiance and frustration and where he observes Cleopatra's arrival into Rome from a window in the Gresham hotel.

'Seeing Things' owes a large debt to Séamus Heaney, for much more than just the title... 'Waiting until I was nearly fifty to credit marvels'.

Finally, special mention must be given to friends and fellow band members - James Delaney, Des Lacey, Paul Moore and Conor Brady. Most of whom played on the record and all of whom will join Kevin for a series of concerts in the Autumn.

Check out this interview with Kevin.

Listen to 2 tracks here
'Seeing Things' on YouTube
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